Monday, August 22, 2016

Home is NYC.

Back. Home.

BUT…a lot has happened since I last posted. Remember how happy I was in my lovely condo? I moved cities (job change for my husband) and we went back, well, home. As I have mentioned for those who have read for years, home could be a myriad of places. But to me, I am now a New Yorker. I have lived in NYC three separate occasions. And because I have lived in 8 different states/countries, it is safe to say, this is home.

My blog is even after my favourite block!

Which leads to the best part of this post…I moved West of Lex. If anyone knows about NYC, you may know this is a dream location (I am, after all, steps from Cartier, Graff and well, across the street from Oscar). I cannot afford all of it, but I now have an apartment that is MY own home, for a long time…

Pics included, more to follow when furniture comes!

This is my dual kitchenette-living with original exposed brick (aka a real New Yorker's heaven)

Spoiled. Not going to lie. Two spa shower heads.

It may look a bit, well, bland, but it fits a King (though I have a Queen) and I have a full California Closet remodel. Wait until I outfit! Home for my Lanvin boxes (and Goodwill finds!).

Slightly dirty windows but I get to stair at Kate Spade's terrace (yes, their flagship and a classic water tower, a NYC must)

New Yorker's eat out anyway, but should I need to—this is here! 

I have moved a lot, a lot I know. I know I am always moving. But I am here for years. Promise.

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